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Cappadocia Jeep tour;

Aravan Evi organizes jeep tours to fabulous eco gardens. You can sign up for a fascinating nature tour. With jeep tours you will have the opportunity to see undiscovered great valleys and historical ancient churches of Cappadocia.

 We arrange private jeep safari tours in Cappadocia, but not regular area, not in the tourist jam, mostly secret valleys and places.                  

Cappadocia is a land which you can find beautiful horses as well. As you travel, you will discover one of the most charming places of the world which has a great nature and geological transformations. These spectacularly colored valleys will make you feel freedom. You can explore history of ancient times while visiting Fairy Chimneys. These mysterious rock forms together provide a fabulous view. By joining a jeep tour, you join the opportunity traveling in open air which you can watch 360 degree panoramic view of this mysterious valley with ancient rock cut churches, fairy chimneys, canyons and hills. It is a unique experience which you will remember for rest of your life. If you seek more adventure in your life, you should certainly come and join this ecotourism. All about Cappadocia can be defined in just 3 words: history, nature, ecology.

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Home Cooking Class Cappadocia at Aravan Evi

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Friendly, English Speaking Staff
Aravan evi also provides some basic needs which can be needed during your stay. Rooms are equipped with most needed details such as wireless and you can use laundry services during your visit. You can join home cooking class for a different experience. You can also attend daily Cappadocia Tours, folklore evenings, different activities organized in Ayvali Village or Cappadocia, or you can visit organic gardens. 

You can discover a new culture during your stay. You can try riding off a donkey and enjoy the great landscape of Cappadocia. Donkeys are easy rided and it is much more easy to reach everywhere by riding a donkey. You can have a ride to Ayvali Village and visit organic farms here which you can taste most delicious natural organic fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you can pick some vegetables you want for dinner.

Hot Air Balloon tour in Cappadocia
A flying with a hot air balloon is different from all other flying experiences. First of all, you will feel the real freedom while traveling at around 1500 feet so you feel tranquil, amazed by great view lying beneath without sensation of motion. Just in several minutes after lifting off, while you effortlessly and safely drift over the treetops you will have the chance to watch these spectacular Cappadocia valleys from sky.

As you fly, you will have a chance to see the deep canyons, fairy chimneys and lush fertile valleys of Cappadocia. This geography is an ideal playground for hot air balloons for a unique experience and memorable flight. Flying with hot air balloons are totally safe, gentle winds will carry you over places carefully that you could never see from land.



If you like adventurous tours and seeing interesting places, Cappadocia has an opportunity to attend cycling tours in wonderful places of Cappadocia. Be ready for an amazing and unforgettable entertainment, biking memories. This is an amazing activity to enjoy. You can pass through valleys and see vineyards and meet with local people. Cappadocia is undeniably one of the Turkey’s most amazing, unique areas with its unreal rock formations, fairy chimneys and cave dwellings and a perfect destination for cycling tour.


Explore Cappadocia in a fantastic way. You can rent horse to have a nice time in Cappadocia. You can ride off through Cappadocia’s unique beauties on horseback. You will be free to go everywhere you want to see on horseback. This horseback riding allows you stay away from crowds and traffic. You can have an outing in a large area and you won’t get tired. You can trip around Cappadocia all day and you can see a lot of fascinating places such as Goreme’s frescoed and rock-carved churches in an open air museum. Also you should explore chimneys in Pasabag and Devrent Valleys


Sema is an inspiration comes from Mevlana (Mevlânâ Celâleddin-i Rumî 1207 – 1273). And Sema is part of Turkish culture, history, beliefs.  There are seven part, they symbolize different meaning of a mystic cycle to completion (Mirac- Ascension).  Modern science surely accepts that the essential condition of asset is of revolve. There is no any doubt, every object revolve and share similarity among all beings that is revolution of well-known example electrons and protons of atoms. These particles constitute the structure of whole universe, from a single cell to the burning stars in space.



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