Aravan Evi Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Cappadocia, at Ayvali village near Urgup.

    The Best Small Towns and Villages in Turkey

Ayvali Village : The smell of apricots permeates the village as the harvest blankets the roofs of the flat-topped houses. Down in the valley is an almost eerie grouping of cave facades that retain the curvy lines of the smooth cave surfaces. At sunset, the sound of drums in the distance and the image of village women baking the evening meal's bread in ancient rock ovens create an unforgettable vision of rural life.

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Aravan Evi Boutique Hotel is in center of Cappadocia. Ayvali village just 10 km to Urgup town.

Why You must go Cappadocia and Turkey?

The actual stretch of land referred to as cappadocia Turkey is one of the most interesting as well as historically relevant places on earth. We can track the history of the land to prehistoric times, to more than 2000 years BC. The Hittites were some of the earliest identified settlers in this region and in the centuries soon after, a number of different civilisations ruled the land. During the early decades of the very first millennium AD the region was best known as a Roman army and trading centre. It was right here that numerous historical highways intersected.
As time went by Cappadocia became a melting pot for a huge variety of different ethnic communities, civilizations as well as beliefs. The actual area’s history is truly rich and diverse and it really is no surprise the terrain these days holds a great deal of interest for all those interested in heritage, customs, religion as well as lifestyle.
For travellers, this specific part of Turkey is much like a magnet. It is really an established volcanic place and volcanic activity has helped to shape the rather unusual panorama during the many centuries. You’ll find a panorama that is characterized by red-colored sandstone as well as salt deposits in addition to truly unusual rock formations. Human population density is often focused in places where the earth is the most fertile and this engenders the agricultural pursuits the region is additionally famous for. For instance, Cappadocia is known for its wine output, for cropping fresh fruit as well as vegetables.

 How you can get to Ayvali

By Air:

The Regular flights are to both Kayseri and Nevsehir from Istanbul airposts.

Airport Transfer free of charge;We offer one way (to Aravan evi from the airport)  shuttle Turkish airlines flighs (TK 7290) ,(TK2018) (TK 2010),(TK 2012) and  (TK 2014) if guests made a reservation and booked  directly with Aravan Evi. For other flights of Turkish Airlines and other companies such as For Onur Air , Sunexpress Airlines and Pegasus flights can arrange free or private shuttle services if airline provides service. Please contact


By Bus:

 In the area where Aravan evi is located is not a wide railway. So a lot of busses work to Cappadocia from various destinations. Those buses are used among provinces also they serve to their      passengers with their modern facilities. And traveling on the bus cheaper than flights but it takes more time. Long distance busses work overnight generally.


We have free shuttle service to/ from Urgup bus terminal.


Here are the recommended bus companies:

We recommend these bus companies highly

Nevsehir Seyahat: 444 50 50

Metro Turizm : 444 34 55

Kent Turizm :444 38 38



By Car : You could find eaily our hotel on a map which shows Turkey’s road. Follow the Nevsehir-Ürgüp road and you would reach the place where our hotel is locates. Also you can ask us for detailed driving direction.


Cappadocia Hotel Turkey 


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