Cappadocia to live a fairy tale ...
Hoodoos wonder of the earth, a mysterious underground cities, authentic luxury venues, special and delicious food, friendly and hospitable local people, unlike any part of the earth, without exception, everyone who fell in love with himself, a completely different planet Cappadocia.
The Cradle of Civilizations Cappadocia
The word Cappadocia, the Persian word for "Land of Beautiful Horses" Katpatuka which comes from the word meaning. Erciyes and Hasan Mountains lava cools down and the people are scattered by the explosion of all the region of Cappadocia, was begun after the first set foot on. Known by date, respectively, the Hittites, the Nesalilar, Phrygians, Medes, Persians, Alexander the Great, the Byzantine (Roman) Empire, the Seljuk Empire, the Genoese, with the domination of the Ottoman Empire reached until today. Cappadocia, the Byzantine (Roman) Empire caught between paganism to istianity began to spread and the spread of istianity has become the most important region. Yeraltlarinda tried to generalize this a secret until the year 313 AD istianity. When the emperor Constantine in 313 AD after istianity in Cappadocia released and accelerated construction of churches and monasteries. VII. Century began to spread Islam in the intricacies of the empire, with invasions from outside threats and chaos never ended in Cappadocia, istianity constantly being forced to improve habitats and areas of refuge. With rapidly into the hands of the Byzantines, Seljuks in Anatolia in 1071, religious beliefs, worship was released intact. In this region, the churches and mosques in the same place and at the same time, how tolerant they look to each other symbolizes the two communities.
Principalities in Anatolia after the collapse of the Seljuks started state. Time to time it changed hands between the cities of Cappadocia principalities. After the Ottoman grow all over Anatolia as güçlendikten became a powerful state. Religious beliefs of istians in the time of the Ottomans untouched. After the proclamation of the Republic in 1924, with the population exchange in Cappadocia istian community came to an end ..
Cappadocia, rocks, tuff, because it is easy to dig. After excavation and hardens when exposed to air tuff rocks become resistant to many centuries. With this feature, the use of the caves is based on the first period of the Hittites. There is another very important feature, because the caves are still used even today. The refrigerator at a time when summer and winter temperature is a constant 12 degrees and with a certain humidity, these caves, all medeniyetlerce used as food, and food stores, and is still used today. Because, Cappadocia, Turkey, even now as lemon, orange and potato storage center.
The Byzantines used these caves have determined from the time of the Hittites, innovasyonla developing religious life, shelter, storage, and must be used in areas of shelter animals. I remember my childhood consisting of one room in our garden in the ground, "Apple Dami" you elmalarimizi, patateslerimizi, pot cheese, summer and winter, we store used to use a cave. The region is still used in many places, this is the garden of the house.
Should hand in hand with nature and the human being in Cappadocia, the most beautiful wonders of the earth have occurred. All these wonders of the world, attracting possible to collect four main categories.
• Earth Fairy Chimneys wife and unparalleled natural wonder.
• Both the secret place of worship, as well as used as a safe haven and the world's 8th regarded as a wonder of the underground cities.
• Hz. Jesus, the Prophet. Mary, the saints and biblical subjects frescoed cave churches tasvirlendigi
• With spectacular views of the valleys and the natural castles
Fairy Chimneys
Surface forms of the so-called fairy chimneys, the volcanic Mount Erciyes and Hasan movements as a result of the fourth geological time, rain, wind, and as a result of rapid climate change and natural erosion has occurred. How much has occurred Fairy Chimneys, their shapes are remarkable.
Well, was called Hoodoos Hoodoos name come from, and why? Try to explain the answer to these questions with a story, Chimney, the word is also used in the region in terms of the window. Us late grandmother, who lived in caves close to home fairies (üçharflilerin) told us that he lived and witnessed many of the sounds of the wedding. So eskidenbu caves (chimneys) fairies believed to live on. This made the interior of the caves natural wonders therefore this name is thought to be widespread given the English name of the Fairy Chimneys "Fairy Chimneys as" a name that is used all over the world has become. In addition, many fairy tales and stories about Bacalari'yla widely discussed.
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